Aspiring Leaders

As faculty, we may choose to take on leadership roles within our departments, schools, colleges, or universities while we remain primarily in our faculty roles. But pursuing a position in academic administration (such as chair/head of a department, associate dean or dean, etc.) requires careful thought and planning. I have over two decades of experience in academic leadership roles, and I use this, along with my many experiences as search committee member and committee chair, to help faculty prepare for the jobs they want, craft compelling application materials, and shine in interviews.

If you’d like to talk with me more about coaching for aspiring leaders or about my application and interview preparation services, please reach out and we’ll schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Let's Talk!

I offer the following services for aspiring academic leaders: 

  • Strengths-based coaching to explore your readiness for leadership and identify the types of roles that may fit you best
  • Career mapping to develop a plan for honing the skills and getting the experiences you need for your next leadership position
  • Application assistance, including converting your academic CV into a leadership CV and crafting an engaging cover letter
  • Interview preparation and rehearsal sessions, both for the “quick fire” first round and the more intensive finalist interview stage

Universities need academic leaders who understand and truly love faculty work, who lead from a value-centered perspective, and who are well-prepared for the complex issues facing leaders at all levels. I am ready to help you find (and get!) the job that will let you bring your personal strengths and your rich academic experience to a new leadership challenge.

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