Faculty Members

Many of us choose a faculty career because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. But like any career, the pathways for advancement can be a bit unclear, and sometimes the work can feel overwhelming. Some of us may have great support from colleagues, while others feel more isolated. My goal as a faculty career coach is to give you a supportive space to talk through the challenges and to develop a plan for moving forward with purpose, no matter where you are in your faculty career.

If you’d like to talk with me more about faculty career coaching, please reach out and we’ll schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Let's Talk!

My coaching services for faculty members include almost every aspect of faculty life. Recently I’ve worked with colleagues and clients on topics such as:

  • Designing a career map to help you plan for your long-term goals
  • Developing — and implementing! — a productivity plan that is tied to your specific promotion criteria
  • Creating a mentorship network to support a holistic view of your career
  • Getting “unstuck” and reconnecting with your sense of purpose after promotion, tenure, or another big change.
  • Breaking free of unhelpful thought patterns
  • Managing burnout or pandemic fatigue
  • Honing your management, mentoring, and interpersonal skills to be more effective with your department chair, colleagues, students, or research staff
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