Photo by Andy Mead

I began my faculty career in the mid-1990s at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I had a research program focused on HIV care and prevention, served as the director of psychology services for a large HIV clinic, and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology and public health. In my career, I’ve led large research grants, taught thousands of students, and served as a doctoral program director, associate dean for academic affairs, and a university system vice president. I am now at NC State University as Senior Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and I hold a faculty position as professor in the department of psychology. At NC State I manage many of the policies and programs that help our faculty have successful and satisfying careers. I work closely with our provost and my team to plan and implement leadership development programs for faculty and academic leaders, and I work closely with our department heads and deans, helping them navigate the challenges and joys of those important positions. 

Wherever I’ve worked, some of my greatest joys have included mentoring students who are interested in academic careers, mentoring new faculty and academic leaders, and collaborating with my colleagues to create new programs and processes to support our work. I’ve learned so much during my career about values-based leadership, about institutional politics and conflict management, and about the power of faculty mentoring. All of what I’ve learned goes into my approach with my clients, be they first-year faculty, mid-career faculty considering new opportunities for career advancement, experienced deans, or anywhere in between. 

On the personal side, my partner Jada and I met in 1992, and although it sounds clichéd, I feel fortunate every day to be married to my best friend. We also live with three cats, and although I occasionally doubt the wisdom of being outnumbered by the pets in the household, their cuteness outweighs my concerns about a possible household coup. Prior to the COVID pandemic, Jada and I traveled frequently, and we hope to return to doing that one day soon. In the meantime, I read a lot of fiction and put in plenty of time on my rowing machine, stationary bike, and treadmill.

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